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Upkeeper new client v 4.2



  • Roger Fors


    Have you enabled WSUS integration in upKeeper, to check that, go to Configuration, under General you have WSUS check box.

    If you are rolling out upKeeper client in your organization, you should not have activated WSUS integration. When upKeeper client installs on a machine it will check if there are any Windows updates to install on client machine. That can cause a reboot.




  • Di Am

    No, the WSUS setting is unchecked and no problem with the reboot. I mean it seems to me that the problems appear if we use tasks in Upkeeper mgmt. Personally in my case I sent a task "Restart"  and then for some reason it stuck on HP logo screen and after a while tried to boot from network. Or for example I sent a Task Shutdown, the PC turned it off. After a while I turned on the machine and after log in it shutdown by itself again. Why this could happen?


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