Can upKeeper client use a specific driveletter




  • Tuomas Rantala

    One comment to this: Adding the registry key does not remove the old mapping to the default z-driveletter. After the registry key has been added, there are two mapped drives from smb fileshare.


  • Peter Johansson

    Mapped drive letter is normally unmapped after they are used, but can be left untouched if they are used after application changes has finished. If this is a common problem, and a task unmapping unused drives and verify that the problem is solved. 

  • Tuomas Rantala

    We have a problem with this. Even though we have created the registry key to all computers in our environment, we still have those ghost mapped z-drives which upkeeper has created. We have a lot of computers where there are both z and w-drives used by upkeeper mapping and we have not yet found a way to get rid of the z-drive mappings using logon scripts. The command to remove the z-drive mapping has to be run from promoted cmd (psexec -s -i net use z: /delete)

  • Peter Johansson

    You have to run the remove mapping script as a administrator och as local system. One way is to greate a task with script and let i run once on specific computers or all computers.

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