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Windows Hyper-V Server 2019 on Intel NUC



  • Ludovic Clement

    Great tutorial. I just want to add that you can edit the .inf file on the Hyper-V itself using notepad.exe that's one less step.

  • Ingo


    Thank you for your Tutorial. 

    Unfortunately that doesn't work for me. I can get to this message but after that I still have no network. Where can I start troubleshooting?


  • Lars V

    Peter, do you know if NUC 12 and 13 work with Hyper-V Server 2019? There are some reports that the performance/efficiency core mix in (some) latest Intel CPUs does not work with Server 2019/2022 Hyper-V role. I have not read any such reports on Hyper-V Server 2019.

  • Peter Johansson

    I haven't had the opportunity to run Hyper-V Server on Intel NUC 12 or 13 so I don´t know. Hopefully some one else reading this have the proper information. 


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